Mandarine Gestion

Founded in 2008, Mandarine Gestion is an independent and owner-managed French asset management boutique specialised in stock picking. Mandarine Gestion offers actively managed portfolios based on the fund managers' strongest convictions. The product range includes value and growth management styles and covers all capitalisation sizes including microcap funds plus equity allocation and a multi-asset product. A signatory of the UNPRI, Mandarine Gestion has developed a strong ESG franchise with three of its equity products carrying the French SRI label.

Microcaps are a highly interesting asset class with favourable risk/return profiles in terms of growth, valuations and volatility, substantial market inefficiencies resulting from little analyst coverage and lower liquidity and a strong regional and sector diversification of business profiles.

This is the investment universe of Mandarine Global Microcap, a global equity fund which only invest in the smallest stock market capitalisations. Actively managed, the portfolio manager applies a disciplined stock picking approach including particular attention to risk management. Supplemented by minimum trading volumes and analyst coverage, the investment process is "quantamental" in nature and includes both a quantitative filter designed to screen the initial investment universe of more than 20,000 stocks for those which stand out as being particularly attractive based on a quantitative scoring system and a qualitative stock picking resulting from external analysis, company meetings and exchanges with the other team members.

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Mandarine Gestion SA provides financial services in Australia as an authorised representative of Ambassador Funds Management Services Pty Ltd AFSL 331717