Harris Associates

Harris Associates are value investors who seek out significantly underpriced companies with strong business fundamentals and proven, shareholder-oriented management teams. The firm utilises a fundamental, bottom-up investment approach and frames the investment decision as owning a piece of a business for the long term. Harris Associates are patient investors and run fairly concentrated portfolios, reflecting their conviction in their best ideas.

Harris Associates was founded in 1976 by experienced investment professionals to provide investment advice to wealthy individuals and institutions. These professionals, who had formerly worked in the private investment office of a prominent Chicago entrepreneur, created and refined the distinct value investment philosophy which has guided the firm since its inception. Today, Harris Associates offers U.S. equity, international equity, global equity and balanced strategies to individuals and institutions worldwide.

In Australia, Ambassador is representing Harris Associates' global equity strategies.

Harris Associates is ultimately owned by Natixis, a French investment banking and financial services firm. Natixis is principally owned by BPCE, France's second largest banking group. Harris Associates remains autonomous, retaining full control of investment decisions, investment philosophy, personnel and day-to-day operations.

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Harris Associates