Fulcrum Asset Management

Fulcrum Asset Management is an independent investment manager, founded in 2004 by Andrew Stevens and Gavyn Davies, with a core focus on global, multi-asset investing across liquid markets. Headquartered in London with additional offices in New York and Frankfurt, the firm is defined by the strength of its research and disciplined investment approach.

Fulcrum manages both absolute return and relative return strategies across all of the major liquid asset classes globally. Their approach combines fundamental and behavioural research teams with investment specialists in equities, bonds, commodities and currencies. The investment process is driven by the Fulcrum Investment Team who have a deep market knowledge and experience gained across numerous economic cycles and environments. Fulcrum's investment process and philosophy is designed to deliver stable outcomes for investors regardless of the direction of global financial markets.

Fulcrum provides investors with both global multi-asset solutions and the component parts of these solutions as independent, standalone strategies. All of their funds offer transparency and liquidity.

Fulcrum's strategies include the following:

Fulcrum Diversified Absolute Return Strategy (DAR)

Fulcrum's Diversified Absolute Return strategy provides a dynamic asset allocation solution across global equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities and diversifying strategies with a strong emphasis on risk management. The portfolio is unconstrained by a benchmark but has a maximun volatility threshold.

Investment ideas are diversified across asset class, investment horizon and investment style with a dual mandate of managing both risk and return — capturing market upside is equally as important as protecting the portfolio against signficant market corrections. The strategy is available either in fund format or as a separate account.

For information on the Fulcrum Diversified Absolute Return (Australian domiciled) Fund, please click here

Alternative Beta

Fulcrum has been managing Alternative Beta - or Risk Premia strategies - since 2007. Their understanding of the drivers behind these Alternative Beta strategies is based both on their experieince in risk premia investing and their proprietary research. For over a decade, Fulcrum has invested in and benefited from the uncorrelated returns that Alternative Beta can deliver.

Fulcrum provides a range of multi-asset Alternative Beta funds that cover trend, volatility and market neutral carry. These are offered both as standalone, multi-asset single risk premia funds, and as a packaged solution of all three 'alternative betas'. As with their wider product range, these portfolios are available in low-cost, liquid, regulated structures.

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Fulcrum Asset Management