Manager Selection Process

Ambassador undertakes extensive due diligence to determine which managers and their products we would like to partner with.

Ambassador undertakes regular reviews of the Australian funds management market to determine where opportunities exist, to bring to the market high quality managers with the expertise to fill these requirements.

Managers selected for consideration for “partnering” are approached and an extensive due diligence process entered in to.

Our Manager Selection criteria :

  1. Demonstrable long term track record in managing the asset class.
  2. A highly regarded investment team focused solely on generating strong performance for their clients.
  3. An investment process that is clear, disciplined, logical and adhered to.
  4. A commitment to the Australian market place and a willingness to comply with the regulatory requirements of its participants.
  5. Commitment, where a new asset class, to assisting with education of industry participants.
  6. Strong ethical foundation.
  7. Ability to provide reports on a timely and sufficient basis.
  8. Funds have sufficient mass to provide liquidity while also having sufficient opportunities to grow without impacting performance.
  9. Fees are competitive and fair for all parties.

Due diligence Questionnaire :

Please contact us here if you would like a copy of a sample questionnaire identifying your organisation and why you would like a copy.

While we tailor each due diligence questionnaire to meet the specific circumstances of our review, the document will give you an idea of the extent of the review and the stringent review our managers have successfully completed.