Fulcrum Asset Management

Fulcrum Asset Management is an independent asset management company founded by Gavyn Davies and Andrew Stevens in 2004. Fulcrum have an experienced investment team of economists, portfolio managers and risk experts who identify diversified return sources from a combination of fundamental and quantitative factors. They invest across global markets and asset classes with a range of absolute and relative return strategies. Fulcrum's proprietary risk management techniques are designed to maximise risk adjusted returns.

Fulcrum's strategies include the following:

Fulcrum Diversified Growth and Fulcrum Diversified Absolute

Fulcrum Diversified Growth provides asset allocation with a strong emphasis on risk management. Assets include global equities, fixed income, commodities and third party hedge funds. Clients typically choose between relative return, or relative return with a maximum volatility threshold (Fulcrum Diversified Absolute). The strategy seeks to add value through tactical asset allocation views, portfolio construction and risk management, manager selection, and cost efficient implementation. These strategies are available either in fund format or as a separate account.

Fulcrum Alternative Beta Plus (FAB+)
FAB+ seeks to capture absolute returns from a combination of diversified risk premia and trading strategies, whilst hedging against large losses. All major global currency, equity, commodity and fixed income markets are traded. The risk premia strategy derives returns from established market premia such as value vs. growth in equities, yield curve carry in fixed income, backwardation/contango in commodities and currency carry. The trading strategy uses proprietary techniques including momentum, mean reversion and stop losses. Risk premia and trading strategies are then combined and hedged at the fund level to limit draw downs. The investment objective of the Fund is to outperform the overall hedge fund universe on a risk-adjusted basis while only investing in highly liquid assets. FAB+ is available as both a Cayman and a Luxembourg domiciled UCITS fund, or as a separate account.

If you have any queries on this manager or would like information on their products, please contact Andrew.Vrech@ambassadorfms.com.

Fulcrum Asset Management